Join the battery club at ELITE HEARING of Colorado Springs.

Today’s Digital hearing aids consume a lot of energy. A hearing aid battery’s life is dependent on several factors: size, length of shelf time, brand, and humidity. In addition the user’s hearing aid style and brand, type of hearing loss, individual listening environments, and hours of use will have an impact on hearing aid batteries. With so many brands, how do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth?

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What does the battery club offer at ELITE HEARING?

  • 1 year supply of batteries
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  • Mercury Free batteries
  • Rayovac batteries, the #1 choice of hearing care professionals
  • Batteries made in the USA
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your supply of batteries based on a 10 hour listening day.

Are your hearing aids using too many batteries? The hearing aid may need to be serviced.

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If you are unsatisfied with results of your hearing aid batteries purchased from ELITE HEARING of Colorado Springs, we will replace any package.