“To be fully, actively engaged in life, hearing is important. The sense of hearing empowers us and enriches our everyday lives.”

Sonic Hearing Aids

Hearing aids literally change the way people experience life. And each individual requires a different mix of technologies, features, and aesthetics. Sonic is proud to offer a range of devices and technology levels to help people everywhere enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life. A hearing care professional is best able to suggest which hearing instruments are ideal for your needs. However, the information below can help you narrow your choice of which Sonic products to inquire about. Our most recent product lines are built using the Speech Variable Processing platform. They all provide exceptional sound quality along with benefits like binaural processing and wireless connectivity options.

The Sonic 4S Foundation

Sonic products evolve, but what never changes is our focus on fresh, real solutions for listeners and our professional partners who help them. In everything we do, the Sonic 4S Foundation consistently comes through.

Sound that’s natural

We believe there’s nothing more important than a user’s experience. We want people to be comfortable and confident. They should be thinking about enjoying the world around them—not about artificial sounds or the mechanics of their instruments.

Speech understanding in noise

People value the words they hear, so we strive to ensure that the nuances of speech are captured. We appreciate that true understanding involves more than just volume. Our technologies seek to enhance all aspects of speech while balancing them with other sounds in the environment.

Simplicity in everything we do

Sonic purposefully keeps things simple to help users enjoy their hearing experience: basic design, easy operation, nothing extraneous. We make things easy for hearing healthcare providers, too. We provide efficient, knowledgeable support and back it up with sales tools and software that are straightforward and simple to use.

Style that stands out

We believe people will enjoy their hearing experience more when they’re not self-conscious about a hearing instrument. So we purposefully design solutions that are stylish, attractive, and appealing in every way.

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