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It’s nice to know that there are people who are really happy and satisfied with wearing their hearing aids. ELITE HEARING is committed to improving our patients’ quality of life and gaining their satisfaction. Here are some of our patients’ stories

Dr. Nichole Kovel AuD, CAA, FAAA, is a Board Certified Audiologist, providing expert audiology care and education to Colorado Springs residents. Her patient focused delivery model utilizes cutting edge hearing and tinnitus technology in personalized treatment plans for people with hearing loss and tinnitus while maintaining high standards, integrity, honesty, compassion and patience.

Dr. Kovel also belongs to the American Tinnitus Association, the Tinnitus Practitioners Association, and HLAA. She is involved with HLAA Colorado Springs, the Sertoma Club and the Colorado Springs Business Alliance.

Dr. Kovel brings a high degree of knowledge and professional commitment to her involvement with our HLAA Colorado Springs Chapter. She has done several excellent presentations for us. Also, she frequently attends our meetings and makes herself available for casual discussions. She is a wonderful resource for our members. She has also partnered with HLAA-CS to introduce hearing loops to persons with hearing loss by hosting small events at a local restaurant.

We are very fortunate that Dr. Kovel has committed to sponsoring our newsletter each month. She also supports our Colorado Walk4Hearing both by donating to our cause and by joining us on the Walk. She does the same for Sertoma’s HEARs 5k. She truly understands the importance of increasing the awareness of hearing loss and takes action by participating in these and other Health Fairs and Expos.

On a more personal level, Dr. Kovel has helped individuals who lacked funding obtain hearing aids through Sertoma HEARs. Her dedication to helping those with hearing loss spans the one to one level of individual care to the bigger picture of community awareness.

We are very fortunate to have this talented, dedicated and generous professional as an active participant in our Colorado Springs Chapter. Please consider her a worthy recipient of the Professional Advisor Award.

– Ann Belfiglio
HLAA Colorado Springs Chapter President

“I am more than thrilled with my new Widex Hearing Aids and all the expert medical attention from Dr. Kovel, whose office is located right outside our KC east gate. I had a million excuses for my faulty hearing, but I finally took care of it. It is amazing how much more enjoyable it is to hear clearly, even on a noisy pasta night at the KC Grille. I also use the iPhone automatic pairing features, so that I know to answer the cell phone, wherever it is. (Probably still in my golf bag in the cart. Yikes!) When you see me on the driving range, know that I might be rocking out to my favorite music wirelessly or using my Zen Program. (Be sure to ask her about that one.) Thanks for everything, Dr. Nichole!”

– R. Ross, December 2017

“As a retired Speech Pathology, my experience wih Dr. Kovel was most rewarding. Dr. Kovel is very knowledgeable and exceedingly patient.”

– D. Kelly, October 2017

“I used to hear ringing in my ears all the time and it made it difficult to hear people. I put my hearing aids in and it changed my whole world! Being able to hear sounds and voices over the ringing in my ears has made it much easier.”

– “Dusty,” May 2017

Tinnitus was a big problem. My ears were ringing or roaring all of the time. It impacted everything. I couldn’t hear a lot of conversations. I couldn’t sleep – it was literally keeping me awake.

Using Widex Hearing Aids in Zen, (Tinnitus Management), most of the time. Now, I barely notice tinnitus at all. I’m sleeping very well. My wife likes that I can hear her a lot better.

Hearing better has tremendously impacted my life. There are so many things I didn’t know I was missing that I can hear.

I recommend Nichole because she knows her stuff and she cares about her patients.

– Ronald G. Snyder, January 2016

“My hearing aids are really comfortable. I don’t even know they are there. I also like that they are hardly seen because they are so small. When my friends have hearing loss, I tell them to go see Dr. Kovel because I’m really happy with my hearing aids.”

– Warner 2015

“Although I’ve had a few occasions where my tinnitus was loud, overall my tinnitus is not as noticeable since ivebegun wearing my hearing aids through Elite Hearing. I will, and already have, recommended Dr. Kovel to my friends with hearing loss or Tinnitus.”

– Sister O. 2015

“Although I’ve had a few occasions where my tinnitus was loud, overall my tinnitus is not as noticeable since I’ve begun wearing my hearing aids through ELITE HEARING.
I would, and already have, recommended Dr. Kovel to my friends with hearing loss.”

– Sister Therese 2015

“When I came to see Dr. Kovel I was miserable with tinnitus. I wanted to just sleep to get out of the misery and not hear it. Using Neuromonics tinnitus treatment relaxes me and decreased my awareness of tinnitus. I don’t notice it. Nichole was compassionate and understanding.”

– Sheryl 2015

“I’m an education kind of guy and Dr. Kovel is an educator. Education is key to all my healthcare. Dr. Kovel’s professionalism, knowledge, education and ability to seek feedback from ME and use all of that to my benefit is what has created a better experience.”

– David 2014

“My blood pressure has been down since I was fit with hearing aids. It might be because my overall stress level has been reduced. I’m not trying so hard to understand people and I’m not worried about asking them to repeat. Dr. Kovel took time to educate me about my hearing loss and my needs. She didn’t rush through anything. I would recommend Dr. Kovel to any of my friends looking for help with hearing loss.”

– Burt 2014

“Nichole is very personable, explains things very clearly, and is always eager to help if I have any questions. After working with Nichole I was able to hear things I didn’t know I was missing- the bubbling of a neighbor’s pond and the wings of a bird overhead. The tinnitus program is also working very well. Definitely go talk to Dr. Kovel! She is nice, kind, and patient with a fountain of knowledge. I feel very comfortable at Elite Hearing.”

– Jane 2014

“The Music in my Tinnitus program is relaxing which meets my expectations as a distraction from my tinnitus. Overall I find that through the hearing aid fitting experience, my tinnitus is almost non-existent, even with my aids out! And quite frankly, I LOVE that!”

– David 2014

“I’ve had tinnitus since I was 17 years old. It’s constant and annoying and sometimes almost painful when it changes volume and tones.

I use Zen when it’s really quiet. I like it because it is distracting from my tinnitus. It puts the ringing in the back of my mind. It’s soothing. So far, I haven’t had any of the really loud sounds in my ears.”

– Steven, 2014