Hearing Evaluations

Excellence in Care, Every Patient, Everytime

Hearing Evaluations

Excellence in Care, Every Patient,Everytime

Is It Time for a Hearing Test?

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear. It is one of the most common conditions affecting older and elderly adults. Having trouble hearing can make it hard to understand and follow a doctor’s advice, to respond to warnings, and to hear doorbells and alarms. It can also make it hard to enjoy talking with friends and family. All of this can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous.

Do others complain the TV is too loud?

Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy room?

Do you have more trouble hearing women than men?

Do you ask others to repeat themselves?

Do you avoid going out because you’ll struggle to hear?

Do you notice any ringing or buzzing sounds in either ear?

We Treat Your Hearing

We have years of experience providing exceptional hearing healthcare to individuals of all ages. Each patient is unique in what they do with their lives, and that’s taken into account when providing them with the best solution to their hearing loss and tinnitus. Many factors such as severity of hearing loss, lifestyle, activities and budget determine which hearing aids or tinnitus solution is best for you. We’ll help you decide on the best hearing aids to suit your hearing loss.

What to Expect During Your First Visit.

The first step in any evaluation is to assess your current health and your health history with an audiologist. Hearing loss can be associated with common diseases such as diabetes or noise exposure that occurred many years ago. Dr. Kovel will further her understanding of your hearing needs, history, and current health by discussing your health history.

The entire ear, outer, middle and inner, will be evaluated. An otoscope is used to evaluate the outer ear and ear canal. The middle and inner ear are tested in a soundproof room with a series of tones through earphones, known as air conduction, as well as through a bone oscillator, known as bone conduction. Your ability to understand speech in quiet and in noise will also be evaluated.

If additional middle ear testing is required, an eartip is placed at the opening to the ear canal delivering pressure and tones to the eardrum. This is an objective method to tell us if there is fluid behind the eardrum, a hole in the eardrum, or other middle ear problems.


Detailed Case History

Otoscopic Examinations


Middle Ear Testing


Inner Ear Testing

“Doctor Kovel provides expert assistance in making my hearing aid experience as good as can be expected. Today’s appointment cleared up a problem where streamed audio directly to my hearing aids was accompanied by a clicking sound. Doctor Kovel called the manufacturer and rectified the problem within a few minutes.”

Bob Frick

Getting Started is Easy

Follow Up & Care

Our exceptional, friendly staff is one of our greatest assets, and we are proud of their long time association with our office. Patients tell us often how well we work together as a team.

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of hearing healthcare and great patient communication. Each of our staff members is motivated to achieve the best results for our patients in a calming and comfortable setting.


Who is more likely to experience hearing loss, men or women?

Men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women.

What percentage of American adults report hearing loss?

Approximately 17 percent of American adults report some degree of hearing loss.

Is there a connection between hearing loss and age?

There is a strong relationship between age and reported hearing loss: 18 percent of American adults 45-64 years old, 30 percent of adults 65-74 years old, and 47 percent of adults 75 years old or older have a hearing loss.

How does exposure to loud noises impact your hearing?

Approximately 15 percent (26 million) of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds or noise at work or in leisure activities.

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