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Hearing Aids

Dr. Kovel & Dr. Michaelson take great pride in helping their patients regain the pleasure of hearing the world around them, especially their loved ones, without struggling to hear.


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Hearing loss can come on so gradually, you may not even realize it’s happening. This online quiz can help you decide if you are hearing less than you should be.

What to Expect

A combination of your medical history, examination of the ears, and diagnostic tests, including a test for understanding in noise, will enable the audiologist to determine what is going on with your hearing.

 Our Philosophy

Dr. Kovel and Dr. Michaelson take great pride in creating an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Kovel and Dr. Michaelson provide each patient with compassion and care, encouraging them to improve their lives through better hearing.

Patients with tinnitus take control of tinnitus by reducing its disturbance in their daily lives. Our audiologists will guide you to the right hearing aid choice and make sure your hearing aids are a perfect fit for you.

We are conveniently co-located with Elite Vision.

Our Expertise

Some services we specialize in are below.

Hearing Evaluations

Auditory Training

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Repair

Assistive Devices

Custom Earmolds

Aural Rehabilitation


Hearing Protection

Our Hearing Aid Perks

ELITE HEARING of Colorado Springs offers a wide range of hearing aid options from all the top brands, fitting all budgets. In addition to the hearing aids themselves, we offer a Battery Club to ensure your hearing aids work when you need them to and help reduce the costs of purchasing hearing aid batteries.

In addition, our office the flexibility of lowering your initial cost with our pay as you go program for additional office visits.  Or bundle your services with our worry free Total Listening Care Service package.  With TLC, your hearing aids are adjusted to your preference and maintained free of charge for 4 years!

Elite Hearing Front Desk

"Nicole is recommend if you want a great person; helpful, informative, competent, and most of all patient. She had great recommendations and spent considerably more time to help understand, consider concerns and truly listen to patient concerns. She stayed later that day from what I expected and remained attentive even though I procrastinated. Thanks for all you did. I'll be back soon."

– Evan Evans

"She took the time to explain my hearing tests and the different hearing aide options. She was very thorough and recommended I see and ERT doctor after being concerned about some of my test results. Highly recommend her."

– Gaile Combs

"This is one of the audiologists that HEARS uses and we have no negatives to call attention to. I have heard no compaints from our clients. HEARS provides help to those that cannot afford services of this type on their own."

– Dave Cooper

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